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Basement remodeling is a home upgrade that is almost always worth it in terms of usability and resale! The cost of a basement remodel will depend on a variety of factors, including square footage, options for flooring, paint, lighting, and additional features like a kitchen or bathroom. Below is a comprehensive list of what our basement remodeling includes and a convenient calculator to give you a basic estimate of what basement remodeling costs in Kansas City.
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What’s Included in Your Basement Finish Cost per Square Foot Pricing?

  • Professional project management, scheduling, and oversight.
  • Broom swept upkeep throughout the project.
  • 2x4 wood framing materials, installation per code.
  • Framing labor.
  • Electrical labor and materials.
  • Electrical finish per code (each wall to have at least one outlet, 1 outlet per 9 ft on useable wall space, recessed LED can lighting, toggle light switch(es), 1 high mounted TV outlet location).
  • Approximately 1 can light per 100 square feet, final floor plan may dictate additional needs.
  • Bedroom (if applicable) to have 1 centered ceiling power location for customer provided ceiling fan or globe light. Ceiling fan would have a 2-switch set-up.
  • Existing HVAC ducting to be tapped in to for proper supply lines to rooms as well as proper return air ducting.
  • HVAC labor and materials.
  • Finished areas with below grade foundation walls to have traditional batt insulation per code.
  • All walls and ceilings to have traditional sheetrock installation. Walls to be smooth finished, ready for paint. Ceilings to have knockdown texture finish.
  • Baseboards to match home existing finish up to 5 ½ inch height, ready for paint.
  • Electrical panel, if located in finished location, will be wood trimmed and ready for paint.
  • Interior doors to be provided for finished locations. Hollow-core, up to 2-panel door design to match home existing design, with brushed nickel or chrome finishes. Ready for paint.
  • Existing windows and exterior doors (if applicable) to be wood trimmed to match existing finish.
  • Paint all walls, up to 2 colors. Satin finish. Dark tint paint selection would add $1 per SF.
  • Paint trim and doors, up to 1 color.
  • All ceilings to be painted flat white.
  • All finished floor areas to have carpet installation. 30 oz carpet. 8 lb pad.
  • Stairs from basement to main floor to have high traffic carpet installation with 8 lb pad.
  • Removal of any remaining debris and final end of project clean.

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*The number provided by the calculator above is an estimate based on average installation and material costs; it is not a job quote. The final design request, finished square footage confirmation, and product selection will adjust pricing up or down. Permitting, design fees, engineering requirements or optional additional requested items will also effect end project cost.
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